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The Runway collection

album out now!

My latest release: The Runway Collection — now available on all major streaming platforms & for purchase. The deluxe edition will be released at a later date. This project consists of runway songs for the upcoming debut of XERAPH as a luxury fashion house. I appreciate everyone’s support. 







Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Xeraph is the definition of southern rap/hip-hop and house music.  Born Anh Nguyen in South Vietnam in 1991 but mostly raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, he is part of a new wave of Asian American artists providing the genres with a much-needed new perspective.  As a self-identified gay man and major advocate for LGBT rights, he is leading hip-hop’s charge into the modern era, redefining what it means to be an artist while simultaneously paying homage to the legends.

Xeraph’s enigmatic style largely reflects his diverse upbringing.  He grew up surrounded by predominantly African American and Latino cultures and fell in love with the music’s strong sense of identity and tradition.  Asian American rappers were hard to come by especially within the gay community, but that only fueled as motivation for Xeraph to make something of himself so that one day he will become an icon for future LGBT generations.  Fortunately, he found himself to be a natural storyteller, able to bridge gaps between demographics through the power of his hard-nosed lyricism and commanding stage presence.


A modern-day renaissance man, he runs his own independent record label (Haüs of Xeraph) and established a self-branded luxury fashion house.  But no matter what he is creating, Xeraph’s motivation stays the same:  To be a voice for the voiceless, hope for the hopeless, and an inspiration for anyone who is struggling to be heard.



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